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News: Magento, digital skimming and eCommerce hacks

Read the latest news about Magento, eCommerce security, online credit card theft and clever but evil hacking techniques.

Sansec at Europol training: 50,000+ stores hacked

Cementing itself as a global force in the protection against eCommerce fraud, Sansec has been invited to speak at the fifth edition of Europol’s Training Course on Payment Card Fraud... Read more

Magento and the Log4j vulnerability

Updated Dec 20th. This article describes how Magento is affected by the critical log4j vulnerability, and what you can (and should) do to prevent a hack. Read more

Do these two things to keep your Magento 1 store running after June

Over a 100 thousands Magento 1 stores will be running after Adobe terminates support in June (end-of-life). Many merchants need more time to transition to Magento 2 or another platform.... Read more

Will Magento 1 stay PCI compliant?

Magento 1 will no longer receive official updates & security fixes per July 1st, 2020 (the end-of-life, or EOL date). Merchants are urged to upgrade to Magento 2, but for... Read more

Sansec partners with Maxcluster

Utrecht, February 20; Sansec is proud to announce that it has formed a long-term strategic partnership with maxcluster to bring its industry-leading anti-malware technology to the German e-commerce hoster. Read more

FBI recommends malware scanning against skimming

The FBI warns small and medium-sized businesses and government agencies against the threat of e-skimming. E-skimming occurs when cyber criminals inject malicious code onto a website. Read more

PCI-SSC/RHISAC quote Sansec: 20% stores reinfected

The PCI Security Standards Council and the Retail & Hospitality ISAC alert merchants to the threat of digital skimming. In its report, it quotes Sansec research, which has found that... Read more

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