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Google Apps Script used to steal data

Google Apps Script used to steal data

The Google business application platform Apps Script is used to funnel stolen personal data, Sansec learned. Attackers use the reputation of the trusted Google domain to evade malware scanners and trust controls like CSP.

Researcher Eric Brandel used Sansec’s Early Breach Detection data to analyze this new attack pattern. In step 1, attackers inject a small piece of obfuscated code into an ecommerce site:

In step 2, the malware intercepts payment forms and sends the data to a custom application hosted at Google Apps Script:

The actual code hosted at Google is not public, but this error message suggests that intercepted personal data is funneled by Google servers to an Israel-based site called (step 3):

The malware domain was registered on the same day as previously discovered malware domains and, who are also hosted on the same network.

This new threat shows that merely protecting web stores from talking to untrusted domains is not sufficient. E-commerce managers need to ensure that attackers cannot inject unauthorized code in the first place. Server-side malware and vulnerability monitoring is essential in any modern security policy.

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