How to increase my store's security?

Are you looking to increase the security of your e-commerce store? We have some general guidelines for preventing and minimizing damage:

  1. Restrict access to all public admin login panels. Allow access only to people you know and trust. You can prevent unauthorized logins this way. Some helpful keywords when looking for solutions online are ‘admin firewall’, ‘admin blacklist’ and ‘admin whitelist’.

  2. In case of malware infection, change ALL admin & database passwords immediately. You should assume attackers have your passwords. Unfortunately, we often see re-infection of stores where attackers use the same stolen passwords to re-enter & infect. We recommend using a computer-generated password of at least 10 characters.

  3. Use monitoring software, such as eComscan. A malware & vulnerability monitor will alert you whenever it has detected malware, allowing you to act quickly in case of a breach. In addition, a malware monitor such as eComscan will also alert you to any vulnerable versions of your store framework or extensions, allowing you to patch or remove vulnerable parts of your store.

This page was last updated at Jul 3rd, 2020

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