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How to change all Magento admin passwords


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It is recommended to use at least 10- character, computer generated passwords. In case of a breach, you can assume that all passwords have been intercepted, so they should be changed as soon as possible. The following CLI script may help:

$n98 admin:user:list --format=csv | grep ,active | while read row;
     user=$(echo $row | cut -d, -f2)
     pass=$(tr -cd '[:alnum:]' < /dev/urandom | fold -w10 | head -n1)
     echo "$user -> $pass"
     $n98 admin:user:change-password "$user" $pass >/dev/null

Use n98-magerun for Magento 1

Don't forget to also change passwords for:

  1. Your database (update env.php/local.xml/wp-config.php as well)
  2. Your hosting account: both your server and your control panel. Also make sure that no malicious SSH keys have been added.
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