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Hacked Magento store?

Your Google ads are blocked, your customer reported a stolen card or your developer found suspicious code? Your Magento store is hacked. Get this issue resolved today with a solid 4-step resolution plan.

You discovered that your Magento store is hacked

As a merchant, you are juggling many responsibilities: suppliers, staff, logistics, sales & marketing. Discovering that your Magento store got hacked is a highly unwelcome event.

To put things in perspective: every day, some 20 to 200 Magento stores get hacked. Properly securing a Magento store is hard. But it is certainly doable.

Resolve this Magento Hack today

Resolve this unfortunate situation by taking the following steps. First, ensure that you have complete visibility into all unauthorized access and code. Without proper overview, you risk missing a possible backdoor. This will likely produce another hack within days. Second, you need to find the root cause of the Magento hack. If you do not find the “open window” that attackers used to gain entry, they will use it again. Third, you should remove all malicious code and unauthorized access at once. If there is a delay between removals, you risk alerting the intruder. S/he may add extra backdoors when being discovered.

Prevent another hack of your Magento store

Once you have resolved this Magento hack, there is an important remaining step: get full visibility into the security of your store. You would want to get alerted whenever a new vulnerability (“open window”) emerges.

Sansec, specialized in resolving hacked Magento stores

Sansec specializes in secure online stores. Our solution gives you complete visibility in a current security incident. But more importantly, it provides continuous monitoring and alerting of future vulnerabilities. We help you to prevent another incident!

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