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Sansec PGP key

Sansec uses hardware PGP tokens for encryption, signing and authorization. All eComscan releases as of June 2021 are signed with our PGP key with fingerprint 7EB6 04FB 24FB 3A8B 61F1 70EA 9D0D 094C D2C7 E669. If you use GnuPG, you can import our public key like this:

curl | gpg --import 

After importing our key, you can verify the integrity of your ecomscan like this:

ver=$(~/bin/ecomscan --version)
curl -s$ver.asc | gpg --verify - ~/bin/ecomscan

Which will produce, if everything is fine (date may be different, but primary key fingerprint should match):

gpg: Signature made Mon May 31 12:54:34 2021 UTC using RSA key ID 23AD53F7
gpg: Good signature from "Sansec BV <[email protected]>"
Primary key fingerprint: 7EB6 04FB 24FB 3A8B 61F1  70EA 9D0D 094C D2C7 E669
     Subkey fingerprint: 2C94 7FF1 36A5 DD1C 0DED  57C6 7547 8737 23AD 53F7

If you need to grant us access to SSH using our public key, please see these instructions.

This page was last updated at Mar 16th, 2023

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