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Plug and play monitoring for Magento

Sansec Watch integrates with the Magento CSP system. It detects third-party activity to complement you existing CSP ruleset. CSP changes are automatically synchronized, no need to redeploy your store.

Cut through the noise

CSP typically generates thousands of irrelevant alerts. Let Sansec Watch deal with this — the smart way. Get visibility into your third party scripts and monitor for suspect changes using Sansec's leading ecommerce malware intel.

With the deadline for the new PCI DSS requirements coming up in March 2025, Sansec will help you to comply with 6.4.3 and 11.6.1.

Two-minute install,
100% free to use

Sansec Watch is the free companion to eComscan, but works just as well on its own. Try it now!

But... why... how?

I upgraded Magento and my checkout broke

Magento has tightened the default Content Security Policy (CSP) with version 2.4. This breaks legacy third-party scripts. Sansec Watch helps you to identify and manage these issues, while keeping your checkout alive.

Can't I just disabled Magento_Csp though?

This is no longer possible with Magento 2.4.7 and up. The quickest solution is to set Magento_Csp to report mode and monitor it using Sansec Watch. Make sure you switch to strict mode before April 1st, 2025 to remain PCI compliant.

How does Sansec Watch work?

Sansec Watch listens for browser-initiated CSP alerts. It filters the relevant changes, correlates it with our eCommerce malware database, and presents you with actionable alerts. Our Magento integration will automatically synchronize any updates back to your store.

How do I install Sansec Watch?

Sign up here, and follow the instructions. It's a two-minute ride.

I already have a custom CSP module

That works probably fine. However, Sansec Watch eliminates a lot of manual work with smart filtering and classification across many stores.

Free? Am I the product here?

Sansec Watch is developed and maintained to promote our backend security scanner eComscan. However, it works just as well standalone!

Stay up to date with the latest eCommerce attacks

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