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Agency Partnership

Offer your customers premium security and become a Sansec Secure Agency today!

Sansec welcomes partnerships with competent eCommerce agencies, and has already partnered with some of the best. With 50 to 100 online stores getting hacked per day, security is increasingly a concern for professional merchants. Sansec empowers agencies to mitigate and prevent damaging security incidents for their customers.

A Sansec Partnership offers distinct benefits:

  • We actively endorse and recommend you as secure agency. Let us help you to reinforce your secure brand.
  • Receive a site license of our leading eComscan security solution and enjoy full portfolio coverage & security.
  • Offer value added service: resell our solution to your customers, or offer it as part of your standard maintenance package.
  • Get priority support and direct access to our security engineers for architecture advice and case assistance.
  • Get early access to the latest breach and attack intel. When our forensics team identifies an emerging eCommerce threat, our partners are the first to know (and receive an emergency quick fix!).
  • Unlimited ad-hoc scanning of prospective customers for onboarding purpose.

We would be honored to serve as your remote eCommerce security team!

Partner requirements

Sansec honors partner applications from established agencies who have proven to deliver quality. A Sansec Secure Agency is expected to:

  • Work with maintenance contracts that facilitate timely patches (critical patch implementation within 1 week of release)
  • Use development best practices, such as version control and automated deployments
  • Employ at least 2 certified Magento engineers (when maintaining Magento stores)
  • Publicly list Sansec as security partner (see branding)

Agency license pricing

Partner tierStore allowanceMax revenue/storeMonthly fee 
Agency Bronze license10 Stores€20M/y€450/mOrder
Agency Silver license25 Stores€20M/y€950/mOrder
Agency Gold license50 Stores€20M/y€1850/mOrder
Agency Platinum license100 stores€20M/y€3450/mOrder

A store is defined as a single install. Multiple domains (store-fronts) using the same database are counted as a single store. Also included: any staging & development versions, multiple (auto-scaling) front-end and back-end servers, an Akaneo node, a CMS node.

Apply now

We would love to meet you and learn how we can maximize value for you and your customers! Please reach out to schedule a call.

The steps to become a Sansec Secure Agency are:

  1. Send us your logo (SVG) & short intro text
  2. List us as security partner on your site
  3. Order a site license
  4. Integrate eComscan with your dashboard/reporting
  5. Profit!


Do you also offer an affiliate program?

Currently, we do not offer an affiliate programme next to partnerships with agencies. However, we believe agency partnerships are a better solution for all parties involved. With an agency partnership, you will be able to resell eComscan to parties you have a support/maintenance contract with. On top of that, we actively endorse you and support you when you need help.

What eCommerce platforms do you support?

Currently, our software supports full-stack scanning (code + database) of Magento 1 & 2, Shopware 5 & 6 and Woocommerce. We add new platforms on demand or when threats for new platforms emerge.

Are there any restrictions on reselling?

You may offer eComscan as value added service to your existing customers, at a price level of your choice. Some agencies add a markup on our list prices, to cover installation & support. Most charge Sansec list prices.

You may not resell eComscan to third parties with whom you do not have an existing support/maintenance contract.

My customers already have individual eComscan subscriptions?

If you want, you can order a site license and we will refund individual customers (please send us a list, 20M revenue limit).

If you do not want to do the billing, please contact us to discuss alternative arrangements.

What about stores with more than €20M annual revenue?

High revenue stores are not be covered by our partnership licenses. You can order separate Enterprise subscriptions. Talke to Sansec how to organize this.

Does your solution work well with Mage-One?

Yes! In fact, combining Mage One & Sansec creates the perfect M1-beyond-EOL mitigation package. Sansec creates security & risk visibility, Mage One provides functional patches.

How does your solution compare with Sucuri, Astra and others?

They offer solid products, but as they do not specialize in eCommerce, we do not regard them as competitors. Protecting eCommerce is much more complex than protecting a typical Wordpress site. Sansec specializes in eCommerce only, and is usually weeks ahead in detecting eCommerce malware. Also, Sansec is the only one that detects vulnerabilities in shop platforms and components. We work to help you prevent a hack, instead of having to respond to one!

Can I become a Sansec Secure Agency without a site license?

Our mission is to secure every online store out there. So we like to create an incentive for our partners to secure their full portfolio, by offering a significant discount on our list price.

If for some reason a site license does not fit your business, please reach out. If you offer quality, we would love to meet! Contact us.

How can I integrate eComscan with our existing systems?

eComscan was built to easily integrate with existing dashboards and reporting systems. See our full API/implementation guide.

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