About us

Sanguine Security is global leader in payment fraud protection of online stores. Our groundbreaking research monitors carding activity across the globe and tracks the latest attack vectors for the benefit of our customers.

Fundamental research since 2015

Sanguine Security was launched in 2017. Previously our founders ran the leading Magento hosting company of the Netherlands (byte.nl / hypernode.com). At Byte we launched the massively popular MageReport.com service, with our amazing team and with the contribution of several well known experts in the Magento community. We were rewarded by Magento with a Technology Partnership status and MageReport is being used by 100.000+ Magento webshops. Byte and Sanguine Security are still working closely together.

The launch of eComscan

Our industry-standard Magento Malware Scanner has evolved into a turn key security solution for merchants. The result is eComscan, According to the agencies that work with us eComscan finds hacks that other tools or security companies don't find.
On the roadmap for 2019 is enhancing reporting, integrating it into the workflow of agencies and hosting companies.

The team

Our R&D lead is an expert in online payment fraud and regularly publishes and speaks about his research. We were the first to document skimming attacks on online stores in 2015. Besides running forensic investigations for hundreds of stores, we've build the global Magecart Detection Engine.
Now the team manages our detection engine, verifies new attack methods and exfiltration servers, helps merchants with infiltrations and works on the next release of eComscan.
Exited about online security? Do you want to be the first to know about new threats and ingenious attacks? We're hiring!

Our values

  1. Make the online world safer.
  2. Be fair to customers, employees and suppliers.
  3. Long term over short term.

We're hiring

We are an all remote company (inspired by Sid’s Gitlab). If you think you are an addition to Sanguine Security, let us know. Maybe you are one of these?

  • Very senior Magento security researcher.
  • Commercial networker in the Magento agency world.
  • Stellar Magento developer willing to help our clients after being breached.

You should be a good communicator, fun to work with, absolutely passionate about your work and honest. You will work in an exciting startup and be involved in everything that happens.