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Magento data: install base, malware trends and more

Sansec monitors the global commerce space 24/7 and makes its data sets available to third parties. Review key numbers and download raw crawler data below. Updated daily.

Key Magento metrics

These graphs represent the last 6 months of crawler data. Updated daily.

Global Magento 1 usage
Global Magento 2 usage
Percentage of Magento stores infected with a payment skimmer
Average TTFB for different Magento installations
Distribution of Magento Open Source versions
Distribution of Magento Commerce versions
Distribution of PHP versions
Rate of Magento stores with secure HSTS header
Rate of Magento stores with SSL (HTTPS)
Rate of Magento stores supporting IPv6

How this data is collected

Since 2015, Sansec has operated a network of crawlers to monitor the global Magento install base for malware and Magecart infections. Initially we used data from Builtwith but we needed higher quality data. So we built our own: a sophisticated discovery and tracking system for global Magento stores.

The resulting data reveals a wealth of strategic insights and potential leads. And shows remarkable trends in the eCommerce landscape.

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