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What is included in your initial site audit?

With a 6 month commitment for the Enterprise plan, an initial site audit is included. We will do the following for you:

  1. Install eComscan and run a first, extended scan covering all aspects of your code base, database records and embedded assets.

  2. Often, this produces traces of a previous breach (50% of all eCommerce sites have been breached in the past 5 years!). Pending log retention, we will investigate any vulnerabilities that may have been exploited in the past.

  3. Finally, we will conduct a manual analysis of any potential vulnerabilities or weaknesses of your store, and present you with tailored recommendations. They may include advice on how to harden your configuration, code and procedures, so your store will be among the top-most secure stores of the global Internet.

To use our offer, order an Enterprise plan and follow the steps from this article to share temporary access with our forensic analysts. We are happy to sign an MNDA for the duration of the audit. A non-emergency site audit can usually be scheduled within 3 weeks.

Important: do not remove or modify any suspicious code, prior to consulting with us. The creation and modification timestamps may be lost, which are vital in a root cause analysis.

You can also order a site audit without an Enterprise subscription. The audit will then be billed at 299 EUR per hour.

This page was last updated at May 27th, 2022

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