Installing eComscan on Magento Cloud

See the general instructions for running ecomscan for the first time.

Magento Cloud has read-only storage, which is good practice from a security perspective. However, since eComscan uses auto-update to always have the latest detection capabilities, eComscan needs to be installed on a writable partition of your server. 

For Magento Cloud, there is a writable section under /mnt/shared/. You can use this to install eComscan:

mkdir -p /mnt/shared/$USER/sansec
curl -sL |gzip -d> /mnt/shared/$USER/sansec/ecomscan
chmod 755 /mnt/shared/$USER/sansec/ecomscan

To set up continuous monitoring, you should request special CRON access with Magento here:<id>/setup/project_details

Once that is enabled, you can install a cron in your repository, as described here:

This page was last updated at May 25th, 2020

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