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eComscan sample report frame
Sample report generated by eComscan: Webstore Malware and Vulnerability Scanner

Sansec is a proud Adobe partner.
Trusted by 7000+ global brands and
leading Magento ecommerce agencies.

eComscan security scanner in action: Secure your server now

eComscan: an automated security scanner that keeps your ecommerce webstore safe from attackers.
Never worry about malware again.

Find root cause

Many merchants fail to find the root cause of hacks and consequently get reinfected. eComscan saves your time!

Prevent costly store downtime

Your store might be taken down by hackers or marked as harmful by browsers. eComscan prevents this!

Keep your online ads up

Your ad campaigns will be suspended when Google or Facebook detects malware on your store.

Secure your reputation

Data leaks and credit card fraud will seriously harm your online reputation.

Ensure compliance

Your bank or PSP demands PCI compliance. Server-side malware scanning is an important measure.

Prevent PII data leaks

eComscan detects malicious activity in an early stage, so you can limit or prevent the fallout from a data leak.

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One in five webstores gets hacked every year hit with €475,000 GDPR fine for late reporting


Credit card information stolen from seniors in data breach of commencement attire vendor


US water filter supplier pays $200,000 to settle credit card data leak lawsuit


Don't end up in the news for the wrong reason. eComscan got you covered.

Get started in 5 minutes
no credit card required

Get started with eComscan in 3 easy steps

1. Install eComscan in a few minutes

If you are hacked, there is no time to lose! Install eComscan in a few minutes and get insight into your situation quickly. This is vital for a speedy recovery and - possibly - a compliance report

What do you need?

  • A self-hosted webstore (running Magento 1, Magento 2, Shopware, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etcetera)
  • SSH Access to the store.
  • Our installation instructions.

2. Run eComscan to detect vulnerabilities and malware

eComscan sends you a detailed report and unveils exactly where the malware is located so that you can take easy steps to find hidden vulnerabilities.

What to do when an issue is found?

eComscan will show exactly where malware was found, and offer actionable remediation steps. View a sample report here.

Run eComscan to detect vulnerabilities and malware

3. Continuous security: integrate eComscan into your workflow

Once the malware is removed and vulnerabilities are solved, you should set up continuous visibility in your store's security status.

Activate your team with Slack alerts

In case of malicious activity or critical vulnerabilities, alert your team using our Slack integration.

SMS Slack integration


eComscan updates itself so that it is always up to date and scans the latest malware.

eComscan sms notifications to alert you on any vulnerabilities and malwares found
Download eComscan here
no credit card required

Awesome! Your solution really works. For example, today we were alerted on an M1 website of a harmful malware and we removed it right away.

— a US agency using Magento and eComscan

Frequently asked questions

Can I get a trial?

You can use the basic version of eComscan free of charge, it will scan files, databases, processes and more! To unlock detailed reporting, you can purchase a license key here.

Why is eComscan the most advanced malware solution?

To stay ahead of hackers, you need data — lots of it. Sansec has been specializing in eCommerce security since 2015 and analyzes hundreds of hacked stores per week. So we have the absolute best visibility in emerging attack methods, and you can profit from it. Whenever we discover something new, a detection or fix is instantly distributed to all our customers. But don't take our word for it — our technology is used by Adobe/Magento and law enforcement agencies around the globe.

How can I install eComscan?

Typically, your dev team or hosting provider can install eComscan in a few minutes, see instructions here.

Have another question? Contact us to discuss your specific situation and get tailored advice.