Got hacked?

Assistance is here for you

Got hacked?

  1. Preserve evidence.
  2. Install and run eComscan. Installation instructions will be in the mail.
  3. Eliminate unauthorised access.
  4. Enhance your security with regular maintenance and run eComscan every hour.

Do you need assistance?

  1. We can’t help you if you're not a client, order eComscan right away.
  2. With eComscan Advanced an initial audit is included, if you commit for 3 months.
  3. If you order eComscan Basic or Secure, please choose between priority support (skip the queue) or regular support.
  4. Grant Sanguine Security temporary access.
  5. ​Contact us by e-mail, authorizing us to spend resources on your webshop.

Questions about purchases?